ThiagoFSR83very good, but Chivu is not as good enough to be in this team, yoy should pick Hummels, he's the best in the moment


baekyeah i was looking at hummels and a lot of other central defenders but i chose chivu and ramos because they are also comfortable in the full back position as well. this way the team can be very dynamic when they switch to defense. thanks for the feedback though :)


chicarooneyDumb XI,Ramos is a Spanish Glen Johnson and he sucks. Chivu sucks,Alonso is past his best.


baekRamos and Alonso have been playing great recently. I dont know where you get the whole "Spanish Glen Johnson" seeing as how ramos is mainly deployed as a centre back now, maybe you should watch Real Madrid play. I agree that chivu isn't good enough. thanks for your opinion


hasan_sabbahwhere is xavi or iniesta and chivu or abidal?


MUFC Luis A. ValenciaLahm for Chivu.