Janne HThis is my view of starting XI against Genk. We need some freshening up and i believe Bertrand, Luiz, Alex and Josh can give it to us. We need to find Torres again and he need to score. I think he was bad against Arsenal and we just need to help him to get over it. Romeu in holding role is best what we can see tomorrow. He needs to play and i believe he is best option in that place cause his creative skills and great timing. He is better than Mikel when we need power in our attacking play. Dont get me wrong Mikel is great holding middfield but he is not so creative and fast than Romeu is. I hope we see fresh Blues tomorrow and big scoresheet. We need to get over that Arsenal game...and best way is to score....many times!


ZolaYou want to see Luiz at that RB position, don't you? I agree with you this time, it's the perfect game to experiment with things.


Janne H...i actually have obsession with this RB situation :D We need to see how he can do in that position. He played most of his career in portugal as a leftback so why the hell cant we try?!? We just need to have player who wont give up on his defensive duties and Luiz is just that kind of player. He will become good and settle down when he have more games played.


chicarooneyGood boost for McEachren


ZolaAnd our man misses a penalty, let's hope it doesn't come back to bite us.


Janne HWho was again out of posession?? Was it Bosingwa...yes! He didnt even try block the pass!


ZolaCan we agree that they are both unreliable?


Janne HYes we can but another one is a solid defender...another one i wouldnt even call him a defender.


ZolaOh, please, as a defender he is average at best. He has tremendous talent when going forward and that's what makes him valuable. He is still young and if he develops his defending he will become solid, but he is not right now.

Bosingwa is out of form, he actually never found his form after returning from that long injury. He was top class before that. I guess that's why AVB gives him so much credit.


Janne HHave you not seen his top class, we have seen it and its only average if we compare him to our other defs. He has his changes to show, there is no room for explanations about his current form. Today you will see that even AVB have seen that he cant handle his job. We need to have SOLID line not attacking line. He is good going forward but its sad to say that its not enough. We need to have player who handle his defensive duties as a priority number 1 and second is attacking. He has too many weakneses. Posession, setpieces, crosses and i also think he is lazy when we talk about defending. He was top class in Portugal but we can see its not enough in England. This IS THE FOOTBALL, BEST LEAGUE IN WORLD