Janne HThis is my XI versus Napoli

We have a hell of a mountain to climb. Napoli won first leg 3-1 and we were nothing but convincing. We made big mistakes and they punished us three times. Our defense was a big mess that time, Ivanovic was all time too up and so was Luiz. AVB placed our team just like Napoli wanted and we played with too offensive strategy. AVB was the man to blame.

Tomorrow is totally different day. We have new Manager leading us. He seems to be a great leader, nothing like AVB. He is popular within the team and his work has been promising. His impact to our team has been great, it seems that team enjoys to play again. Team spirit is happy and everyone of them are in positive feeling right now. That is very good thing if we think about tomorrow. Its going to be a tough match but when they really believe that they can do it, i believe they will do it.

Ok, back to my formation. Like u can see i did what i said in my earlier post. Torres will be at the top of my XI. I added him there because i believe in him. I also believe that when player got the talent and is a top class he can do the impossible when the pressure is maximum. Tomorrow the pressure is maximum and the atmosphere is the best of kind when thinking about Nando`s comeback. I want to see Drogba little behind Nando, backing him up and sending killer crosses to him.

Lampard will take his regular role and he will be important both ways. He have to defend our attacking zone, create and control our game from there. We also need his runs into box and those amazing shots and passes. When we are in our end he will have important work to start our counter attacks. There will be times when Napoli defensive line is up and thats opportunity to our strikers to attack. We need Lamps fast and perfect passes to be there then.

Mata and Sturridge take winger roles tomorrow. We need width in our game and these guys can give it to us. They need to be active in both ways and most of all we need them to be effective in box. They both can feed Torres and they can score, we need those acts tomorrow.

Essien takes DM like we can expect and he has to play perfect game tomorrow. He will be busy when Cavani, Lavezzi etc. attacks and he must support our defensive line all the time. I also believe he must be active in attacks cause i believe there will be panic times in Napoli`s defense and when that comes he must be accurate with his volleys and shots.

Defensive line tomorrow is a big mystery. It was impossible to choose our line. I want to see Luiz there but i also want to see SOLID line there. Maybe this is our solid line, i think this is the most solid. Ivanovic, Terry and Cole are must player in our line but Cahill is a big questionmark. He is good but he has no experience about situations like this. In any case and with any player i want to see calm, solid and strong defense tomorrow. We can keep it clean and like many times our defenders can be our best weapon when we play set pieces. Keep the line tight and Terry leading us we have the best opportunity to win.

I believe our Bhoys and this is how i see our team against Napoli tomorrow.

I want to hear how you feel about this and want you to share your view about this?

Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!


OnceABlueIf Di Matteo can turn this one around, it would be a big step towards keeping his post for real. A 2-0 win is not unachievable, but a solid defence and a good cover in midfield is essential. I would probably have Torres on the bench for another defensive mid to support Essien. If the scoreline is not in our favour by the second half, introduce Torres to boost the attack.


MikeChelseaLampardI dont think torres and didier start together always?