JimmyGuitaristSpain were too narrow as usual. If Del Bosque wants to play Iniesta and Silva, he should drop Alonso and put Iniesta in the middle, Silva on the left but with Alba running up & down the left-wing. Pedro should play on the right-wing & he’d make off-the-ball runs in-behind rather than getting drawn in towards the ball carrier.
I know any parked-bus is difficult to break down, but I think they’re making it harder for themselves sometimes. Barca can play with a false-9 because they have (Messi &) two wide players who do the job of stretching defences and making off-the-ball, stuttering runs if you like. (although even Barca lacked that this season).
I thought Italy were good, and talking of parked-buses, I don’t think Italy especially set-out like that. For the first 20 minutes, Spain barely touched the ball. They pressed really good at times during the game as well.