king1319Its never too early for a classico preview.
possible latest additions
Jordi Alba
and perharps a new right-back to replace everyones favourite Arbeloa

I am looking forward to seeing barca less lopsided than previousel with Jordi alba in the picture.
that will make for interesting matchup between jordi alba and diMaria. We have been robbed of the Dani Alves vs Jordi Alba matchup that we usually enjoy but hopefully this one is a good one aswell.

the Ronaldo Alves duel is always a good one aswell


chelseaboi99You are forgetting David Villa, and I prefer Iniesta in the midfield over Fabregas. Also Pedro over Sanchez.


JimmyGuitaristWondering if Tito will go for this, just to make sure they outnumber Madrid in the middle.

I hope he goes for this though. Madrid are playing more of a high-line against Barca now & Barca need runners inbehind rather than another player coming short when there's space to be exploited.


I think your first ine up is the more likely, but your second one is more lethal.

I just dont see Villa getting back to his strides that easily, I see him more as an impact sub for now until he gets back to were he was.

T be honest My preference is Pedro sanchez and messi in the front 3, younger and more energetic.

Iniesta is so much better in midfield I agree, but fabregas brings more complications.