king1319IMO Barry/Rodwell/Garcia are not creative enough and are too safe in their distribution, If I were inchardge of city I would swith Toure over to become the DM and find a new CM


ZolaI think Man City are suffering from what some call "Second Season Syndrome". We mostly see this among newly promoted teams. They perform quite incredibly first year and then get relegated next. Think, Reading under Coppell.
When teams perform above what's expected of them for a year, they seem to be too exhausted next year and can't motivate themselves to push on.

IMHO, Man City had their title couple of years earlier due to slump other top sides were in. They just overachieved last season. It's back to normal and maybe a bit more under this season.

Similar things can be said for Chelsea and Newcastle Utd this season.


chicarooneySelling de Jong was a huge mistake because Rodwell and Garcia have flopped and Barry has been quite poor. As a Man United fan i'm glad City are suffering from 2nd season syndrome because I want to win the league so badly this year. They need a new defensive midfielder in January



agreed, although I must say they have coped without Toure so far


MasterTacticianthey need a striker because mancini is confused on whom to play upfront. also they need more creativity from the left to complement silva