werdna10I know I am going to take some heat for this formation, but after seeing barca struggle against defensive minded teams for yet another year, it is time to switch permanently to the 3-4-3. With a true center forward our attack continues struggle breading down strong defenses. I have alexis as the center forward though I would much rather buy a center forward in January or, which would never happen, play Dongou. Playing with a center forward opens up more space for messi underneath, as well as making it harder to track other runs into the box. having a center forward for the center backs to focus on just gives us an advantage in the attack.


pmassaraThose defenders are too shaky to be left alone in the back. Also, it a team plays a 4-4-2, Adriano and Bartra would have to pinch in defensively or Sergio drops to become the 2nd CB to allow the outside backs to push up. The 3-4-3 is very risky against 4-4-2s due to the 2 v 1 counter attack against a team that loves to be wide and possess. Against a single striker attack, it has some promise if the lone CB (Puyol in this case), can man up against the opposing attacker. Of all teams, Barca could do a 3-4-3, but it still won't matter against top Euro clubs until they fix their defensive depth.