king1319Is Marouane Fellaini a target man? Is that his best position? His best season at Everton he was a combative midfielder/Striker.

He contributed well with lots of goals not just from headers. As a midfielder his linkup play would not be too bad.

Defensively he would not be a liability getting caught out of position or slow to recover like he is in midfield.

His positioning as a holding midfielder is really not great so I doubt he would make a good centreback.

As a midfielder (of a champions league caliber teams) he is not elite in any of the upper most important traits,
ie passing quick /accurate / short /medium/ long, dribbling, Pressing, winning the ball cleanly, defensive positioning.

His role wouldn't be too different from Olivier Girouds, or perhaps even Fernando Llorrente. Win balls in the air and bring midfielders into play.

How does he compare to other Target-men and or Lone strikers?


CaptainGerardInteresting idea. I think most of his goals come from being the surprise man in the box. I suspect he won't be able to score as much if people are expecting him to be there.

He's an all-rounder midfield. It's just that he's out of his depth in ManU. If a lesser team buys him, he'll shine again.


king1319Good point, shame about the guy, when he was younger I thought he had a really high ceiling.

He has cut his hair now, so for the superstitious that could mean something. Be it Positive or Negative