Electric_TriggerNathan Dyer has consistently put in excellent performances for Swansea over the past few seasons. He is another example of the famed Southampton Academy, and played in the 2005 FA Youth Cup final. In that same FA Cup youth team was Theo Walcott, Adam Llanana and Gareth Bale. While the three others have larger profiles and Bale has gone on to be a World Wide Superstar, Nathan Dyer just continues to do well for his club. Who is ahead of him in the England Team? As talented as the new England team is, does Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain - another excellent Southampton graduate deserve to be in ahead of him? The Ox is an exciting player no doubt but for Dyer not to get a mention befuddles me, even the pundits don't mention him. Raheem Sterling and Andros Townsend have had some excellent outings in the England shirt but what's to say Dyer will not also deliver? In fact deliver with greater consistency. Not that I should put great faith in the pundits on Match of the Day or Sky the so called experts, but week in week out Nathan Dyer does not get a mention yet is a key contributor to Swansea. I don't get it. Could someone enlighten me? I could also make a case for Wayne Routledge too but being a little older than Nathan I am not sure he will get a sniff. If anyone has the stats to indicate his league productivity is less than Sterling, Oxlaide-Chamberlain or Townsend please let me know.


donald simeoneyeah that's true@ NVR but should at least give him a call or isn't he still experimenting having called up clyne Bertrand and so on?


nvrBecause the gaffer is in a bit of a pickle. The pressure on him doesn't leave much space to experiment with new names.


Mason4 2 3 1


lujikopjithey should have tried him