king1319Who do you have in your England world cup squad?
I think England has one of the most competitive squads, possessing so many players at similar levels.

Goalkeeper is fairly obvious

Defence, is really based on personal preference.

have gone for Walker and Johnson, I am not a fan of Phil Jones and Smalling 'filling in'. I am a big fan of Richards but I just don't see him getting picked. I feel rightback is England's most 'comfortable' position. Some(very very few) would even say Carl Jenkinson has a shot.

Leftback sortts itself out, you have Luke Shaw and Kieren Gibbs ready to step in if need be.

Centreback you go with the most common recent selections. Some would argue Dawson and or Lescott have chance, Perhaps even Caulker could have a shout. Any one of these could sneak in ahead of Smalling.


The usual Lamapard/Gerrard thing, you have guys like wilshere and Lallana shoved out wide and Milner too, Barkley is a big risck, Cleverly/Henderosn would be safer picks. Rodwell was supposed to be in the mix but the heavy rotation he gets between the bench and treatment table makes it unlikely.

Flanks have exciting young flyers in Townsend and Ox, it would be more complete had Young lived up to his potential, Lennon is a bit of a snub and Walcott is injured. Nearly all the attacing players can fill in on the flanks of needed.

Rooney gets his usual spot at ten, he has an exellent almost telepathic understanding with Welbeck, Srurridge has been good this season and gets a nod. Welbeck offers depth at Left wing too and all forwards can break really well, whcih is important for England who might be defending alot. Snubbed are Defoe, Carroll(will be injured anyway) and Lambert.

Who shoud and shouldn't go to Brazil??


nvrI don't think Gerard has done enough this season to get a call to World Cup squad. Same goes for Oxlade Chambelain.


NorfLondenI see you've left out Terry out of you squad and I understand the baggage he comes with. But the man is in top form and I don't see a better CB than him in EPL right now.


Earlier in the season he seemed to be racking up the assists, maybe now back from injury he will continue. Either way I see him getting in on status along almost.

As for OX -Chamberlin it is slightly a projection of how much/well he will play, as well as Hodgdson seems to rate him. There will be opportunities for him this second half of the season especially with walcott out as one less obstacle for his playing time.

I would have to agree Terry has been great this season, I just understood he was 'retired' therefore unlikely to be called/come out of retirement