craigrichardsfcok Position 5 defends the width of the 6 yard box to half way do not come out the width of 6 yard as you have positions 4 and 6 to do this for you your job is to organize and make sure 4 and 6 are in a good position to block the ball or mark players while mopping up what they miss and putting blocks and tackles in yourself.
2 and 3 as wing backs your primary job is defend from the outside edge of the 6 yard box to the touch line stopping crosses and helping out positions 4,5,6 defend the goal help mark players when they are out of position and mop up and ball they miss , your secondary job is to give the team width in attack passing the half way line and trying to get crosses into the oppositions box how ever if number 2 for example pushes forward number 3 must only got 10 yards at max into the opposition half. and vice versa so we have 4 back to defend at all times on corners we are attacking both will stay back behind the half way line in the center of the pitch roughly 10 yards apart . other responsibilities for these positions is taking throw ins in the attacking and defending half's.