craigrichardsfcok so positions 11,8 and 7 like the positions 4,5 and 6 do not go any wider than a yard or 2 outside the 18 yard box as the width of our team will come from numbers 2 ,3,and 9.
position 8 again will run the width of the 6 yard box but will be roughly 10 to 15 yards in front of the Defense (4.5 and 6) at all times and just a few yards behind 11 and 7 so they can see the pitch and will always be available for a back wards pass while also protecting the defense. 11 and 7 have the primary job of winning the ball back and starting the attacks chasing the ball and helping the attackers out they however should not be in front of the attackers at any point they will run from 6 yard box to 6 yard box