RedrebelSo, far Mexico in all the friendlies they have played they have dominated the opposite team. When Mexico played England, England could not even keep the ball for more than a minute, but ofcourse when they have the opportunity they score it. The score was unfair, Mexico should of have won, but the problem is that Mexico can't finish all the opportunities they create. In the recent game against Italy Mexico showed much improvement and they are starting to finish, and against South Africa I am pretty sure Mexico will win. For you guys that don't know much about Mexico, expect Mexico to have a lot of ball possesion and expect to see a lot of goal score opportunities, but also expect a lot of misses. I predict that Mexico will win 2-1 against South Africa and the way that Mexico is playing and if they do improve their accuracy when it comes to finishing, Mexico will be a serious candidate for the World Cup title.


vertigoVery interesting your comments Redrebel. In all previous WCs I had always great expectation with azteca team. It will be at Africa, the big victory?
Very young team, much individual technique, speed (Vela, Dos Santos, Hernandez), pressuring midfield (as it requested by Aguirre to Torrado and Juarez with Marquez controlling behind. For me even with important individuals at defensive line (Maza, Moreno, Salcido), probably is here where could be the problem. Many open space is left between mid and defensive line. I' ll see. I'm portuguese but I sympathize with Mexico. Good luck!


RedrebelThe only problem I see with the defense is in air balls, Mexico's defenders tend to lose their man when the ball is in the air.


Jaap StamAdmittedly I haven't watched Mexico too much, this comes from wathcing a single friendly game. I might be totally off the mark.

From what I saw in England game, Mexico lack physical presence. You could be the most talented player on the world but if a simple shoulder charge floors you, your chances are limited. Vela and Dos Santos seem to be the weakest links in that regard.

The weakness defending air balls is also a consequence of physical weaknesses. If you cannot outmuscle an opponent in the box, how can you keep him away from the dangerous area?


RedrebelMexican players are not physically weak, but they are as not as strong as African teams or European teams with African players. I would not call not able to defend air balls a physical weakness, it is just the fact that the team does not put emphasis on air ball play like England, Mexico mostly plays on the ground and for that reason in the Mexico vs England game, Mexico had more than 50% possession.


ZolaMexico have a pretty tough group IMHO.

South Africa will try to punch above their weght and in past World Cups, we've seen referees help hosting countries in doing that.

Uruguay had a spectecular qualifiaction campaign and have a bunch of players in excellent form. By having not played too many friendlies their coach is taking a big stance on freshness of his players and I for one think he is right doing so.

France seem to be struggling at the moment but no one can deny the quality of their squad. It is just a matter of pulling their act together and the heat of the Cup might just do that.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but to me Mexico's chances of progressing from the group stage seems slim, let alone winning the Cup.


RedrebelIf Mexico progresses or not that is still in question, but they have what it takes to go on and win the cup, Mexico is not afraid of any team and I see the players very concentrated, and I think we will beat South Africa, but again you never know we will have to wait and see tomorrow.


nvrIt's not only the air balls, I suppose all of Mexico's defense is problematic. South Africa is not the best team in the group, but Mexico still conceded a goal and gave away a golden opportunity.


RedrebelYes, Mexico gives away golden opportunities that is no surprise, but the defense is not problematic, the problem is that Mexico is very offensive, it is the only team that plays with 3 strikers and when the team pushes up, leaves gaps which when there is a counter strike Mexico gets scored on and that is what happened.


xtbocdont get confused Mexico play with a lone striker and two advanced midfielders(AM) 4-1-2-2-1, the problem with Mexico┬┤s formation are the full backs with this kind of formation its really a bad idea play with attacking full backs(Salcido-Aguilar) cos they overlap with the AM....

take at look,


RedrebelNo, it is not a 4-1-2-2-1 and the game against France was very good. As each game progresses Mexico is gaining momentum, don't be surprised if we get far.


xtbocGame with France 4-1-2-2-1 and his roles:

DR Osorio -Full back on Support-
DC Maza -Stopper-
DC Moreno -Cover-
DL Salcido -Full back on Attack-

DMC Marquez -Deep Lying Playmaker on Support-

MCr Juarez -Ball-Winning Midfielder on Support-
MCd Torrado -Ball-Winning Midfielder on Support-

AMR Giovanni -Inside Forward on Attack-
AML Vela -Inside Forward on Attack-

FW Guille Franco -target man on Attack-
The Vasco never change this formation for that reason he cant use ML Guardado, i thing Guardado isnt good enough as MC sorry for him...