JB378Other players that deserve consideration:

Lets face it, we are not going to win this years World Cup. If you consider both the very disappointing way in which we qualified for the competition, added with the constant inability for our best players to live up to their club standard at international level, I think it is time to take a different approach. This being to take the kids to Brazil. For sure, this is a bold move which I would be suprised if Hodgson has even considered, but I feel that we need to start afresh in the England shirt. In the example team above, I have included experienced players like Rooney, Carrick, Hart and Gerrard, simply because this season they have been outstanding for their clubs and would add that little bit of experience needed. Apart from this it is a vastly inexperienced team but, I think a rather exciting team. Players like Sterling, Henderson and Barkley have proved this season that they are exciting prospects, and what better way to add to their experience than to play a World Cup. Admittedly, this is not the most talented England squad, with players like Smalling and Jones who have been inconsistent for Manchester United this season. But year by year I become increasingly frustrated that we as a footballing nation persist in playing "stars" that do not have any desire to play with intent or affect the game. These players include, Barry, Lampard, Milner, Johnson, and Defoe who have somehow been given chance after chance on the international stage.


king1319Ryan Bertrand?? He is not thaat young and not good at all. I guess snubbed Kieren Gibbs over him because he is healthy other wise just use 3 fullbacks and chuck Flanagan on to the left.

Ideally I would use Baines there because he has had a good season again, even if he is getting on in age I would have him in. Only doubt about him is he benefits greatly from Everton being built around him, more so last year.

I would like Kyle Walker in at RB, he is not old and overrated, he is not the best right back but his physical qualities are amazing, the extra bit of muscle will always be valuable to and England team defending alot. I would have him over Clyne and Flanagan for now.

If you are going for youth at CB I would nominate Caulker, yes he has played for a poor defensive team but I like his physical attributes too. Really suited to defending deep and clearing headers but not completely immobile.

If not then Jageilka in just as Baines, could have a tournament and never invite him back again.

Up front seems about right, Wickham could perhaps have a shout.

Here is my projection for what the team should look like



JB378The team that I made up there was off the top of my head, I didn't think of Gibbs, and have now remembered that ashley williams is welsh. Having said that though, the team you have posted I feel is a step too far. No Rooney or Gerrard? I am all for giving the youth a go but we do need 1 or 2 leaders and world class players out there, plus it is unfair on them as they are two of the rare few that do put in a shift for England.
Also I question your decision to include Rodwell and Cleverley. Firstly Rodwell has made only 9 appearances this season, and has had no impact whatsoever. And secondly, even though I am a United fan, I feel Cleverley is far below the standard required.


nvrReady for a controversial point of view? After his blooper against Chelsea, I think Gerard shouldn't be taken to Brazil. He will have a lot of psychological baggage and won't deliver.



Made a mistake on the team I posted, The team above is a projection of were the team should be getting too for the next major tournament. In 2 years time Its possible Rooney will be the last of the old guard. I also leaned heavily on the possibility of Cleverly, Rodwell, Kelly and Clyne to progress quite alot between now and next tournament.

As a United how do you see Rooney getting on in the next couple of years? Do you think he will be the main striker or behind the main guy or anywhere else. He now has Mata and RVP possibly in his preferrd zones. He has a fat contract and looks set to stay for a while. Can he still play well on the wings?Will he become a box to box midfielder(he always struck me as one)


JB378I think what ever the new manager does, we have to have 2 flying wingers, 1 box to box mid, 1 deep creator, 1 attacking number 10 and an out and out striker. And also I think performances have shown this season Rooney and Mata are 2 very good players, so we need them on the pitch. I think Rooney should continue in the number 10 role and Mata in midfield with Carrick. We have seen the successful transition of Modric from attacking to deep lying mid this season, and I hope Mata can do the same because he certainly has the ability.


king1319Personally I doubt Mata can be a deep lying creator, aside from the number 8 on his back and good technique he would need alot more to be involved in midfield.

Most deep lying playmakers usually have played deep in midfield at some point in there youth days or even early in their pro careers. I have not seen Mata play deep before, from what I saw at Valencia he played higher up or on the wing whereas Modric has played there for national team and later on at spurs. You can train him to play there but it is very risky and can cost alot of points in a season.

He surely needs a stud of a partner next to him to have any success.

He has excellent ability in possession but without he can easily be a liability against big teams or even small teams with energetic midfielders.

Do you think he has the mentality to get stuck into tackles if required?

Personally I would rather Rooney next to Carrick with Mata ahead than waste Mata deep in midfield.


JB378Whichever one, if either do play in the deeper role its going to be a waste, because both their best positions are the number 10 role. Maybe if we got an absolute worldclass midfielder we could have both Mata and Rooney behind the striker, because Rooney has the work rate to help out in defence if needed anyway.