king1319I just wanted a a really grabbing title so everyone voices their opinion.

Okay he's not the best in the world, but he might be closer than you think. This topic is mostly focused on players who play in teams with 3 cm's

Not completely about Alex song , but who dou you think is better than him?
what does he need in his locker to be classified as the best?

Before you start suggesting too many names I would like to restrict this to pure defensive midfielders, as in the most defense minded midfielders on their respective teams.

I see alot of dream teams containing players like xabi alonso, xavi, modric, wilshire, schweinsteiger but none of these players seem to be the 'muscle' that you want in your midfield. They are all more about finesse. Im sure all of these players might be able to hold their own at the base of a three man midfield on a team taht dominates but on an average team?

Here is a few names I will throw at you

De rossi - I havent watched him play but he seems to get good reviews from people

Vidal - Not really along the lines of the rest of this group as he has plays everywher but I think holding mid is his number one position so he can be compared with everyone.

Busquets - Whenever abest in the world list pops up I hate debating barcelona players because I feel their system really hides deficencies in some players games and may make them look better, this guy could be one of them. Not saying he is bad, just saying dont overate him.


de Jong- A real defensive mid who deoes his job

Jon obi Mikel

Javier Garcia - When I think of a modern defensive mid I think of him.

Lucas - from liverpool very underrated



mojojojo101I'm going to say first up that I won't be considering parker and vidal as defensive midfielders. Personally I think both operate better as tough-tackling central midfielders, Vidal is for me working in the perfect system for his abilities in the 4-1-4-1 system juventus have played this year.

I don't really want to pick a 'best' defensive midfielder exactly just wanted to say a couple of players i rate highly.

De Rossi - was more forward thinking earlier in his career but has done really well when I have seen him this season playing much deeper, almost between his centre backs at times. If I had to pick the most complete defensive midfielder in Europe at the moment it would be de rossi.

Busquets - a good player yes, who performs his role with little fuss, he may be the worst passer of the ball in the barca midfield but its his short simple passing which is the key to dictating barcas tempo. Should say though I think he is overated, people have him out as this technically and tactically brilliant player but to me his role within the team disguises his lack of yes technical ability. There's also his propensity for taking a tumble which is annoying to say the least.

Alex Song - for me a player who has really come of age in the last 18 months or so. He had previously been criticised but has shown recently he can be strong in the tackle, positionally aware and help to dictate tempo well. I think he still has things to learn but he has his age on his side.

Lucas - I saw him briefly play for the brazil youth teams whee he created lots of chances and scored goals, however when he moved to England he struggled to fulfil his promise. In what now looks like an inspired move is was converted to a holding midfielder and despite struggling initially has developed into a fine player. His reading of the game is top notch but for me he looks uncomfortable when he needs to follow his man out of the space in front of the defence.

Michael Carrick - probably a choice most people would disagree with but for me he reads the game better than any other English player playing at the moment. He lacks pace and isn't the strongest player around but the work he does positionally can, when he's on form, truly is a joy to behold. Also has a great ability to pick a pass.

Also thought I'd give a very brief mention to a couple of young players who could well stake a claim to being the beat in their positon in the near future; Sandro, Javi Martinez, the Bender brothers, Jack Rodwell and Yann M'vila.


JimmyGuitaristSong and Busquets are the best in my opinion.
People who don't think Busquets is that great don't watch Barcelona. And whoever said he's the "worst passer in Barca's midfield" is not seeing things how I see them. And I don't think he's overrated at all.. most people think of him as like one of the most underrated players.
This is a good video on Busquets:

The only bad thing with Song right now is he sometimes strives forward too much and just leaves a hole in midfield.
Here's a good article I read on ZonalMarking about defensive-midfielders and sweepers:


nvrI agree that he's underrated, even among Arsenal fans. If fit, he's the first one I'll put into the starting ele, ven.

As for who's the best, there's no one that can be called the best. Back in the day Patrick Vieira was way above any competition for instance, today there's no such dominance by any of the top players. Everyone has one short coming that prevents him to claim that spot. Song losing his position, Busquets being clumsy, Carrick being soft, Alonso being slow etc etc...


Are you a journo? Sensetionalist headlines and all that. Anyone who watched Spurs 2 - Arsenal 1 can tell you who was the better DM that day. Parker has been better this season hands down.


david1993Micheal Essien


agrred about Rodwell he looks like the real deal

I just wanted different opinions rather than an empty blog with no replies. You just provided yours which is what I want

During his career he has been given more of an attacking role due to his limitless energy I think when he comes back he will have lost alot of pace and power and will be best suited a to a strictly defensive role, as long as his passing is up to scatch then he has a shot


chicarooneySong is more of an attacking midfielder now since he has 5 assists in the prem this season,Essien is getting old and has had lots of injurys his carrer is destroyed,De Rossi is a legend but he isnt the best DM anymore,Lucas is amazing DM this is coming from a United fan but i agree he is sooooo underrated,Busquets is a great actor but lets be honest he is a brilliant DM he fits into Barca perfectly,Carrick is a versatile player he can play in Defence,DM,CM and a striker,he is a great passer of the balland works hard,Vidal is a brilliant player for such a young age,Rodwell is more of an attacking midfielder,Sandro can also play on the wing and he is like Lucas he is soooooo underrated,Ive never seen the Bender brothers play before,Javi Martinez is a brilliant player who I really want Man Utd to sign as are midfield is so bad,Martinez can also play centre back he has done that for a few weeks now,M'Vila is a great player too, My vote goes for Busquets


king1319here are some stats I cam accross, comparing some of the best

Passing Accuracy %: Busquets 91.4, Carrick 90.1, Alonso 88.7, Barry 86.7, Song 84.7, M'villa 81.4

Through Balls(Per Game): Song 0.7, M'villa 0.4, Alonso 0.2, Carrick 0.2, Busquets 0.1, Barry 0.1

Total Key Passes: Alonso 43, Song 30, M'villa 27, Barry 23,Carrick 18, Busquets 12

Total Dribbles: Song 18, M'villa 14, Barry 12, Busquets 11, Carrick 3, Alonso 3

Turovers(Per Game): Alonso 0.3, Barry 0.5, M'villa 0.8, Busquets 0.8, Carrick 0.9, Song 1

Dispossessed(Per Game): Song 1.4, M'villa 0.7, Barry 0.7, Busquets 0.6, Alonso 0.6, Carrick 0.4

Dribbled Past(Per Game): Song 1.6. Alonso 1.6, Barry 1, Carrick 0.8, M'villa 0.8, Busquets 0.4,

Interceptions(Per Game): Busquets 3, Carrick 2.9, Barry 2.5, M'villa 2.5, Alonso 2.2, Song 2.1

Fouls(Per Game): Song 2.3, Barry 1.5, Alonso 1.3, Busquets 0.9, M'villa 0.8, Carrick 0.8

Tackles(Per Game): Carrick 3.4, M'villa 3.2, Alonso 3, Song 2.8, Busquets 2.7, Barry 2.5