nvrSwiss are the type of team who can hurt you when caught off guard. They are not stronger than England but could cause damage if not taken seriously. Just remember Spain's opening game against them in the World Cup.

Capello's squad selection is a bit off. The strikers he picked are too similar to each other. That might cause problems if we find ourselves in need of variety.

That said, we have good players that can cut inside from wings and create things. Rest of the starting 11 should be our textbook line up.

My prediction: England 3 - Switzerland 1


JimmyGuitaristSwitzerland are very solid in defence. They drop so deep when out-of-possession. Even Spain struggled to break them.
To be honest, I don't know if it's that I don't like Capello but it's just so boring to watch us (England) now. I mean, what exactly do we play like? It just seems to be a philosophy of playing second division hoof-ball; a style based on getting 'a bit of luck'. I just hope for the sake of us ever getting any success that we take a leaf out of Spain's book and acknowledge the importance of possession rather than aimlessly kicking the ball upfield ad hoping Rooney, Crouch, Bent or whoever get a woeful header.


nvrSpain is fortunate that their team's skeleton plays for the same club. Spain is Barca non-Spanish replaced. They can pull off a intricate football style a lot easier.

Our players come from club sides with vastly different game styles. England's style falls back to least common denominator: kick and rush.

I can't see how we can remedy the situation. Maybe, it's best to keep our expectations low from England.


nvrSigh...Capello started with Milner and Parker, is he trying to get himself sacked?


JimmyGuitaristWell we were bloody awful.
@nvr: You could say the same about Brazil though. All there players play for different clubs with different styles, but when you put them all on the same pitch together, they can keep the ball for the full 90 minutes if they wanted to in there opponents half of the pitch.
We just need to get rid of Capello.


nvrYou know, the least common denominator for Brasilans is samba on Copacabana...We are nowhere as gifted.

I agree, Capello's time is up. He is not taking us to the next level, there's no need to pay him that much.


mojojojo101My biggest problem with Capello is that he refuses to pick the younger players.

After the Word Cup it was generally accepted that the squad needed an influx of youn players and who has been the only player to get a new call-up to sticck... Parker... why not pick and play Rodwell or even Muamba,, both have done well for thier clubs and at u21 level but Capello refuses to pick players who will be the future and should very much be the present.

Oh that and his refusal to pick Carrick (until this game) who is easily England's best midfielder when it comes to keeping the ball.