AlanPartridgeHowever unlikely it is that Utd sign both midfielders, this team would be able to dominate possession in midfield and be capable of fast and fluid counter attacks. Nani and Hernandez would rotate with the forward 3. Fletcher and Anderson would provide back up for the midfield.


patrick75749good but they might need a second striker


TacticalManagerthats not the barcelona system, plus we should play jonesn ot carrick


patrick75749united gave up on nasri


FeriAtsOnly Young is no Villa and Valencia is a different type of player than Pedro.


JimmyGuitaristPlaying like Barca is the hardest brand of football to play, and be successful with it. The reason why they can do it to such effect is because most of the team have been playing with one another since they were in the youth academy.
I wouldn't be suprised if Fergie made an attempt at getting them to emulate them somewhat, but it won't be Barca Barca. They'll just try to dominate more.


lanny14Too bad Nasri went to Man City - should Sneijder come (very unlikely now), it should be played 4-3-1-2, with Nani & Young a little far from the centre and carrick in the middle, with Sneijder behind Rooney & Hernandez


brunosxtSneijder and Nasri must change ! Nasri is most offensive than Sneijder !


mojojojo101Tbh it's quite obvious from the openiong games this season that Fergie has no intention of copying Barca's system... he is a much more intelligent man than that.

Fergie's current system does seem to have a lot in common with the Barca system (the short, sharp passing, high pressing and D-line and fluid front players) but that doesn't mean he has copied Barca... he has just used the players he has at his disposal to create the best sytem for the team.


chicarooneyNasri and Sniedjer will not come I would play Jones instead of Fabio,Nani instead of Young.