Amadaeus15.erh...similiar to this season, unless players ..erh..departs.


mojojojo101I'd definately pick Anderson in the centre of midfield, probably instead of Cleverley. For me Anderson is just a better player than Cleverley at the moment.

Not really sure why you would even consider leaving Nani out of the first team considering how well he has played in the last 18 months.

Would also put Rafael ahead of Smalling at RB, While Smalling is a good RB Rafael is still, in my opinion, the best young right-back in Europe, if he can stay fit.

I'd also use Evans over Jones for now, similair story for me as with Anderson/Cleverley, Evans is just further a long in his development and he has played really well lately.



True, Anderson is a great player, however I prefer Cleverley style of play in my formation. This position, they will ...erh...alternate. I have not seen Rafeal in awhile, and I agree he is one of the best young RB, however Smailing and Jones have been very impressive in that RB role, and provide better defensive cover. Evans over Jones....sorry, I have to disagree. I rather even have Ferdinand over Evans. These two are just better overall defenders. Nani, might leave next summer, due to desire to play outside England. We know it will happen eventually, if not this summer, then next


Amadaeus15Subs: Lindergaard, Ferdinand/Jones, rafeal, Anderson/Pogba/Park ji sung, Valencia/Goetze, Welbeck, Ricky Von Wolfswinkel/Macheda


Amadaeus15This arguable the best scenario for Manchester United. However, the midfield still looks light in the defensive midfield department. However it is not bad. Pogba, Fletcher, Jones, park ji sung, bannan(similar to scholes)


chicarooneyI wouldn't think Goetze would come. Fletcher might never come back too. Otherwise this lineup is good.