nvrIt was a difficult choice between Sturridge and Wellbeck for me. Rooney and Sturridge have somewhat similar playing styles, so I opted for Wellbeck to add a bit of variety.

I tried to pick up players who played regularly at their club sides, so no Adam Johnson or Darren Bent.



NorfLondenIt's an away game and Montenegrins(?) can be quite hostile, we should keep experimenting to a minimum so that we don't get any nasty surprises. Bent for Wellbeck and Walcott for Downing.


mojojojo101I agree with Norf London here, Montenengro are a strong, if unfashionable, team. Experimenting should be kept to a minimum so that England can have as little trouble as possible picking up the 3 points.


nvrFunny how experienced and trusted Rooney delivered the talking point of the night yesterday. With the hindsight he should have not been played after the news of his father getting arrested.