nvrIn the recent years teams troubled Spain(or Barcelona) almost always used a very disciplined defensive strategy. England should do the same. I tried to include players who can assert their physical dominance in this starting 11 to make things a bit harder. I also took a page out of Spain's book and opted for players who plays(or played) in the same club wherever possible. It helps with the team harmony.

Lack of a creative midfielder can be a bit controversial. Our attack plan should be fast breaks with Young, Sturridge and A Johnson. Where Wellbeck should be the target man to keep the ball upfront and create space. As simple as it gets.

Thoughts? Alternative starting 11s?


OnceABlueMeh, I think Lamps will start as well as other established names. A bad result would undermine Cap's credibility further(which he doesn't have too much atm), he'll try to play it safe.


JimmyGuitaristThis is what I'm expecting -

Complete domination from Spain, with our only hope coming from a counter-attack, the usual tactic for teams against Spain. I actually think with the pace of Young and A. Johnson, we could actually cause a few problems on the counter, but we stand very little chance if Spain are in full swing. 3-0 to Spain I reckon.


nvrYeah, it might get very depressing to watch this. Cat, mouse and all that...


JimmyGuitaristTo be honest, obviously I want us to win but I think the more we lose, the more we'll learn. And the more we lose, the closer it gets to Fabio's sacking.


NorfLondenWho would you rather have instead of Fabio? Isn't he the one with the best win ratio among England managers?


JimmyGuitarist@NorfLonden -
I'm not the only one who wants him out. I'd rather have the man who's in your avatar.


FeverI'm expecting:

Johnson Terry Cahill Cole
Lampard Parker Barry
Walcott Bent Young



I was expecting that answer :) As much as I appreciate what Redknapp did for us so far, I don't think he is a better manager than Capello. Just have a look at Cappello's trophy cabinet.

Oh, another thing is, I don't think England should be managed by a native. The language barrier foreign managers have is quite useful for dealing with shit English press throws at you.


JimmyGuitaristAs soon as England scored, I knew it'd end 1-0. I predicted 0-0 after the first 15 minutes, because I noticed Spain just played into England's hands. No width. Sometimes I saw Xavi or Iniesta look to the wings and there was no Alves or Abidal. Occasionally when someone did provide width, they got in-behind England's defence but they didn't do it enough. They also tried passing it into the net way to many times. They have so many opportunities to shoot, but they try too hard to get 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper. I mean.. they wouldn't even be long shots, just normal distance.
We defended good though, and got a typical English goal. Good advert for winning through playing the most ugly football known to man.


nvrWell, England played the way they had to.
I'd rather have a draw than a win. Come next May, press will be banging on about how we beat world champions and are capable of going "all the way". Pressure that our knackered squad can do without.