CrocoWith all the negative attention that John Obi Mikel has been getting recently (and I'm not sure he deserves it), I'm looking at things and decided to do a little exploring of some possibilities within Chelsea's 4-2-3-1. And I started thinking that given the current squad, it would be interesting to see how David Luiz would fit as a CDM in Mikel's position. It would be a good fit seeing as how he likes to make runs up the pitch and distribute the ball in the middle third, plus he is just as capable of a defender in that position as Mikel being a natural center-back. It would also allow Cahill, who is a more stay-at-home center-back than Luiz, to slot in next to Terry and hold the back line. I personally think Mikel's a solid CDM, but is lacking in his abilities on the ball in comparison to a David Luiz, to which the latter can give Chelsea another threat on the attack.


Lualua49It's an interesting point of view, but i prefer Obi Mikel or Oriol Romeu in that position. Romeu it's a great player