david1993transfer window is on the way in the in mind i want people to comment on
1.what players should their team buy and other teams
2.what they player would add to team
3. give reason for the player
4.who should your team sell


mojojojo101For Man Utd.

1. Yann M'Vila
2. Calm on the ball, strong in the tackle and good positional sense, mainly as cover/rotation with Carrick.
3. We need another option for the role Carrick fills, when he isn't in the team we really struggle to keep the ball at times and miss the calming influence that this type of player can bring. Plus Rennes have pretty much accepted that he'll be leaving this summer (apparently).
4. Berbatov - he's not happy at the club and doesn't really stand any chance of being in the first team. He's been a good servant but it seems like the right time to part ways now.


i am a fan of Yann M'villa but i have little doubts about him but at age 21 he is only going to get better and i think man united need a player like him the 'Roy keane or Claude makelele type player with the tough tackling and been able to break up player.
over a period of time teams have been able to keep the ball from man united and able to pass most notable was Bilbao and man united dont seem to have that midfield player with a engine to run and tackle so
Yann M'villa could be the man and we shall see how does in the euros.


bball37For Manchester City...

1. Javi Martinez

2. A stable, consistent, balanced defensive midfielder who can also drop back into the defense if needed.

3. City needs a defensive midfielder who can be trusted to start when Yaya or Barry aren't available. De Jong has clearly regressed this season. They also need a third centerback because Savic clearly isn't good enough for the EPL. Javi Martinez has proved this season he can play defense too.

4. Tevez, he's essentially just a waste of time, space and money right now.


david1993@bball37 javi martinez their is no question in his ability an outstanding player that I have watched develop over past few years his performances over past couple years and most notable against man united have been outstanding
you want man city to buy him as back up he is to good as back and would cost them 33 million euro to buy.

the 2 players mentioned m'villa and martinez are to good to been back ups and are at crucial time were they need to play in order to develop but they would be great additions to any team



In a dream world, City could use the money from the Tevez sale to fund a Javi Martinez bid, but Tevez's value had dropped through the floor this past season.


nvrArsenal fan here.

I wan't Wilshere back. Ok, he's not a transfer but he didn't play a minute this season, so he will be like a new signing.

I want another decent striker. RvP is great and all, but if he's injured we are toast.

I want the deadwood chopped. Those who are injured all the time, can't shine when a chance is given etc... I am looking at you Diaby, Chamakh and Fabianski...


david1993@bball37 if man city do pay the 33 million for javi he could take the place of barry.
barry is now 31 for javi first season he could take it easy to help him cope with the premier league if he needs it then in 2nd year he could take barry place and keep him out


david1993@nvr wilshere would be like new signing for arsenal he is one of best English youngster i have seen. back up for rvp is needed
nobody seems to know how much arsenal has to spend so its difficult to judge who they can buy.

arsenal need to sort out some of their players wheather their going to keep them, sell them or loan them out again E.G
6 Nicklas BENDTNER


Proffessional_Ameteur_REDFor Man Utd:

We MUST bolster Defensive Mid. When Carrick is out of the team we really feel it. He is an unseen linchpin in our first 11. Without him we often look lost, floating around without an anchor.

So for me Javi Martinez is the best option because he can pass as well as any Spaniard, but has an engine and is strong in the tackle. He often gets penalised in La Liga where he wouldn't in the PL, so the move would improve his play in my opinion.

Other than that I'm pretty happy with our current squad. Defense is strong.

Plus I'm sure Sir Alex will surprise us all with some no name player that turns good (hopefully a striker).

IN: Martinez + youngsters

OUT: Berbatov, Macheda, Kuszczak, Bebe.


i agree man united are missing and defensive midfielder and Martinez fits the bill but 1 problem is he will cost 40 million euro to buy and i dont see man united paying that as a man united fan i hope they do.
tiote, M'villa are probably cheaper options. maybe in few years ryan tunnicliffe will step up

as for youngsters
1.Mateo Kovacic
2. Nathan Redmond
3. Viktor Fischer
4. david henen
5. lucas lucas ocampos


maybe modric for mikel
or maybe we can bring in hazard to support torres


david1993@ el nino 9
Chelsea needs probably a new right back
midfield players that will add speed to the team


EL NINO#9oh yea you are totally right!so maybe kyle walker @david1993 because bosingwa isnt doing his job he is attacking well but not defending and i hope rdm leaves him out against barca


chicarooneyFor Man Utd
1 Shaqri
2 Creative, tricky and quick
3 Very creative
4 Berbatov


david1993@ EL NINO#9 kyle walker would be great but be hard to get him and i would not be surprised if real madrid come looking for him yes i said madrid

@chicarooney shaqri could be going to bayern if you believe reports
man united need a midfielder that can break up play as well as creative one


EL NINO#9@david1993 seriously but they have 2 good right backs ramos and arbeloa and is walker that good to be looked by rm i thought maybe one of the premier league might be lookin to buy him


david1993@el nino#9 i understand what your saying but Kyle walker is better than arbeloa
and Sergio Ramos has been playing cb all season

kyle walker has huge potential and i my opinion is capable of been good enough for them but thats just my opinion


EL NINO#9no its true hen you think about it he might even be englands right back for euro 2012! but do you think chelsea can do with him or try to study to improve their midfield or strikers?


david1993Chelsea do have ivanovic for right back aswell but they could play Luis their if needed as he likes to attack so much

as for midfield they need quicker players like modric and tiote they would be 2 great players
as essien don't seem to be getting his form back and mikel i never highly rated him

Oriol Romeu hasn't got a look in since AVB left and he was playing good but isnt not getting the Oriol Romeu games he need

Chelsea will also have kevin de bruyne who will need time to settle

mata has been good this season but is capable of much more but needs to be in center to do most damage

1. modric
will add speed and creative and tiots defend as well


depends if Torres gets back to score goals he could fire Chelsea to league and cup glory but if not they may need striker as drogba is out of contract in summer

daniel sturridge is very good but don't pass it and needs to learn to

next season if no defenders bought
luis cahill terry cole

modric mata

sturridge torres(if he gets goals) hazzard( marko marin cheaper option

replacement for torres possibly falcao
chelsea may need to spend a lot of money and champions league football is vitial


EL NINO#9totaly agree!but i think torres is getting back his form and we can do well with hulk,hazard and modric!!!and what is happenig with drogba u say?lucas piazon could also start against easy games.Mikel<<<not a fan of him and yess essien isnt the champ he was and yess sturridge definitely needs to pass to torres but he is great


david1993hulk buy out clause is 100m so its a lot

drogba contact is running out in the summer i think

lucas piazon just needs to adjust to the physical side of English game( i wanted united to sign him after seening him at u-17 world cup and when he played against united with sao paulo)
but he is a wonderful talent with great technical ability

Chelsea also has islam feruz is great player to watch(if you have seen him look that man up wonderful player)

torres is working hard and assist are going but goals are not coming but hopefully they will come against barca and liverpool

( im not a chelsea fan but a manchester united fan)


EL NINO#9oh cool i want nani for chelsea haha and drogba going!i dont know if thats good or bad?and torres i think i see him bright for chelsea


david1993nani Chelsea never Manchester united need him

drogba going its hard to say whether is good or bad but if he goes its out with the old in with the new
drogba is an intimidating man when on form he can destroy any team but his hasn't done that much this season
but if he goes he goes as a chelsea legend i suppose and he will need to be replaced
maybe lukaku will step up he has the physical presence to do so.

@EL NINO#9 what age are you and where you from?


EL NINO#9haha i rather drogba than lukaku and im 13 im from australia


david1993EL NINO#9 of course anybody would take drogba instead of lukaku but drogba is not always going to be at Chelsea and they need to introduce lukaku more.

its great to see Torres back scoring to good of striker to be a flop at chelsea

chelsea has signed an excellent play in marko marin . i always enjoyed watching him and for 8million its a bargain at that price


EL NINO#9ikrbut hazard will make my dream