mattyDotty arrows indicate the attacking movement of the counter, and the strong lines indicate the movement of the defensive.. Vidic the man to stay back at all times.


ZolaA couple of good games and Jones makes it into a dream team, leaving Puyol, Terry, Pique and the like in the dust. Football is an unforgiving game.


G.K.Jones? Evra? You having a laugh?

Busquets has to be in there also.


baekwhats wrong with Evra? and who would you have Busquets replace? not De Rossi that's for sure.


tarirothis is fucked up
p.jones not even half of pique
de less than modric, busquets, but i would put pirlo
silva..(can you leave out neymar, gotze ,ganso, harzard, sanchez for silva)
any way, how can the world 11 play on the counter
all this shows that this is a man-u fan speeking