liomessi1324Neymar,Hazard,Gotze as the front 3.Wilshere,Lucas(Sao Paulo),M.Villa in the midfield and Walker,Bertrand,P.Jones,R.Varane in defence and T.Courtois in goal.So what do you think?


G.K.What is this supposed to achieve?

Whatever, here's a team of players no older than 22 (As yours is) to beat yours:


G.K.Put Romeu in for Wilshere.


liomessi1324I just did it for fun,cause i was bored.I doubt that team will beat mine and btw Hummels is 23 if he was about 20 i would if put him and maybe Kagawa in.


king1319Question, i figured if you know all these players you might have an insight.

Is Bertrand going to be any good compared to Kieren Gibbs?they are both araound the same age and are both Ashley Cole's heirs,

Bertrand had the opportunity to work with cole at chelsea
Gibbs came under the same academy as cole
Bertrand has less experience with the first team
Gibbs has been injury prone
Bertrand is at a team with more disciplined, no nonsese defenders
Gibbs is at a team with more offensive minded defenders


G.K.Ok, remove Subotic/Hummels for Coates and Yanga-M'Biwa.

Why will my team beat yours? Your defense is relatively weak.


your Defense 5 will be the future of their clubs and country Defense good back line for future
t. Courtois with his current form bright future for him at Chelsea and Belgium
IMO Ryan Bertrand will be chelsea and england future left back.

Kyle Walker will be england future right back is already spurs RB

Phil Jones will be Enlgand future center back

Rafeal Varane will be France and reald madrid future Cb

Wilshere, is currently England and Arsenal star and will be for number of years

Lucas- will get big move in summer . he got lots of potential will be a start come 2014 world cup

M.Villa is a regular for France bright future a head of him.

Neymar- is already a star for Brazil and santos but needs to prove it in Europe

Hazard/ transfer saga who ever gets him will have great player

Gotze bright future a head of him already a star for Dortmund

@liomessi1324 you have great team with plenty of potential and all the players should be world class in future

1 thing i would switch is Gotze for lucas
lucas is more suited to forward
gotze better in the midfield


liomessi1324Thanks David. @G.K I had a feeling my defense would be a little weak,I Don't know plenty young center backs.@King I think Bertrand is the better player he is getting more starts and playing time under Di Matteo and I think he has the potential to be the next A.Cole.I haven't seen much of K.Gibbs but he is also a good LB.


david1993Your defence is weak betfair people are comparing them to other cbs and their form of late but they need to look at their potential

But in 3-4 years time that defence wont look weak because they be older and more sure them defenders will be world class


david1993 I mean Because not betfair


liomessi1324Yeah,I agree.