king1319Who are the most similar players you can think of?
In terms of appearence (race/physice)
Playing style / Role in the team
Gersey Number perhaps
Age would be preffered but not as important
Less of an importance on quality disparity between the two players, you will never find players equally rated

The most similar players I know are Gerard/Lampard

The differences between the two I would say are just slight.
Similar height, build, number, positions, nationality, race, both good goal scorers.


Joe423Silva and Mata aren't really similar at all, the way they move around off the ball is much different. Weird thread.


king1319Arguable, small craetive players, you cant find players exactly the same but I find them reasonably similar


nvrAaaron Lenon and that other guy at Spurs. Can't bring his name, I suppose he's way too insignificant.


king1319Townsed? The bigger left footed right winger?

I would think a younger sean-wright-philips would be descent comparison, both as small as the are fast


BOMBER949Nocerino - Marchisio Absolutely No