king1319Players I hate

Teased my team into thinking he is a good keeper

The entire back four

A bunch of functional, conservative, simple defenders.
They dont WOW you they just do their job. Usually the 4th defenders in a back 4,
they are versatile and they get plenty of game time.i guess coaches must se something they like

either too slow, not technical enough, lazy or just plain stupid

Gomez is a good player but nobody likes poachers


nvrOK, I'll bite. Van der Vaart was the player who made things happen at Spurs yesteryear. How could he be one of the worst players?

Actually, apart from Almunia and Blasz, all of them are quite decent players.


czapskiWft? Blaszczykowski is one of the main players in 2-time Bundesliga Champion. Probably he is not and would not be world-class winger, but it hard to say he is slow, not technical, lazy or plain stupid.



They are not neceassarily bad players, if you play for these top teams you must be doing something right, its basically. On Van der Vaart, I think on a good day he is top notch and comes up with a goal or piece of magic but on a bad day spurs or against big teams he tends to stand out as the lazy one while the rest of his midfield is busting there guts.

Maybe I never seem to catch his good games and its annoying to see him when Gotze is injured

Simply put I just hate these players


Lualua49Abidal has improved a lot since he arrived at Barcelona and he does his work really good, not every defender have to be such as Alves or Marcelo. And why is Gomez in this list?? It's one of the best strikers in the world and sorry bro but i'm only agree with Almunia. About the rest i hope you think twice before doing another list


king1319Its not really a bad players list. A 'not flashy players' list if you will.

Gomez as an example, not fast like Hernandez, not creative like rvp/rooney/Ibrahimovic, can't beat layers like messi/aguero/suarez, maybe you can class him as a targetman, but even then there are other tragetmen physicaly as dominant as him. That being said, he IS one of the best strikers, simply cos he scores goals.

Although Aluminia is the only player everyone can agree is just crap.


liverpoolfan19why would you put gomez up there? theres only one well-known striker that fits the criteria: Fernando Torres
Torres work rate isn't what it used to be, now he looks slow and burned out...