in my opinion, these are the two teams with the most fluid play and some of the worlds top players, i was just wondering how each of you would go about beating each of them respectively! Just take into account each of the teams personalities and what each player likes to do (like Messi dropping deeper) and say how you would beat each team! Should be an interesting topic!

Thank you to anyone who shares their ideas! :)


adinoosmOH! and please, no parking the bus! hahaha


ruiataense10Park the bus!

Because it's my favourite tactic against better teams.

Take a look. It would rape the shit out of those teams.


chicarooneyIf you're not allowed to park the bus then hoof it up the pitch, this would be my team
Lahm Thiago Silva Vidic Cole
Y.Toure Schweinstger Xabi Alonso
van Persie Ronaldo Rooney


adinoosmI mean you are still allowed to play a counter attacking game, just not all out defensive, maybe a high line pressing method or just a broken press, something to disrupt the play!


Lualua49To beat Barcelona the only way is parking the bus, is what Realmadrid and Celtic have done.