• Versatile Eleven

    A set of alot of versatile players. Players that can perform excellently in a number of roles and positions. Alot more quality than 11 Jon O'shea's2.Philip LahmNo surprise here, a major reason Bayern can have so much success (they...

    king1319 | 24.02.2014

  • Arsenal Squad To Face Sunderland

    Giant slayers Sunderland are in town and going by manager Gus Poyet presser, they smell blood. Sitting in the red zone at the wrong end of the table, the Black Cats will give it all to take advantage of the likely negative effect of the much talked a...

    lwandaztales | 22.02.2014

  • Typical 11

    Your team can always go far if it has a balance of players such as These 111 Your commanding goalie Neur2 Your reliable fullback, Mr consistent Lahm3 Your erratic fullback, very good and bad Marcelo4. Your scrapy defensive midfielder Martin...

    king1319 | 22.02.2014

  • Most similar players

    Who are the most similar players you can think of?In terms of appearence (race/physice)Playing style / Role in the teamGersey Number perhapsAge would be preffered but not as importantLess of an importance on quality disparity betwee...

    king1319 | 19.10.2013 | Comments: 5

  • Powerful England Squad

    The defense is very strong. The midfield is a combination of experienced and young players. Walcott is a fast winger. I thought about placing Zaha instead of Rooney, since it's time for the youngster to play for his country. I placed Rooney as a ...

    José Luis Ayala | 06.10.2013 | Comments: 3

  • Barcelona

    بينتوادريانو بويول. بارترا. داني الفيسفابريجاس تشافي بوسكيتستيو ميسي سانشيز

    Saged | 22.01.2014

  • England 2014 world cup

    Who do you have in your England world cup squad?I think England has one of the most competitive squads, possessing so many players at similar levels.Goalkeeper is fairly obviousDefence, is really based on personal preference. have gone...

    king1319 | 11.01.2014 | Comments: 3

  • January transfer window - How should your team look after it?

    I'll start with Arsenal:http://this11.com/topics/add/abF8En7aemStriker is the most obvious one now that Giroud is injured. The others are subject to finding good deal in the market, admittedly only happens rarely in January.

    nvr | 01.01.2014 | Comments: 6

  • Arsenal England attack

    Watch out for England to eventually just use Arsenal players to attack and Manchester players to defend451/433HartGibbs-Jones-Smalling-JenkinsonCelverly-Carrick-MilnerWilshere-Walcott-ChamberlinGibbs and Je...

    king1319 | 11.01.2014

  • Chelsea's 3-5-2 2013/2014 Chaos Formation (Used when trailing in games/or trying to find late winner)

    As the season has gone on, the way Jose Mourinho has sent the lads out almost every game is in the 4-3-2-1 formation. After seeing it work to picks up points ( a draw at Cardiff and Man United) it seams the Jose really favors this...

    SuperTruBlu | 09.01.2014 | Comments: 1

  • Who's your money on at Premier League, CL, etc... ?

    Now that it's almost Christmas, the season has somewhat shaped, we can make more reasonable predictions. Here are mine:Manchester City to win the title, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal to finish in top 4, Blackburn to be relegated, Bayern Munich...

    nvr | 02.12.2011 | Comments: 7

  • Onze D' Or 2013

    In my opinion, this was the best squad of the season 2012/13. I know we're still missing the first half of the 2013/14 season to determine a real Onze D' Or, but this is pretty much it. All of the players play in Bayern Munich or Borussia Dor...

    José Luis Ayala | 31.05.2013 | Comments: 11