• Arsenal 13-14

    I have lost optimisim for transfers, so the focus is on the current squad.Walcott, Podolski and Giroud are the biggest goal threats in the team. Last season, Podlski supposedly wasnt 100% and unable to play to contributeat a high intesnsity i...

    king1319 | 27.07.2013 | Comments: 5

  • Barcelona vs Rayo Tactical Breakdown of first goal

    Classis counter attack. Song intercepts the attack just as rayo cross the half way line. Song sprints forward and plays the ball forward to Messi who alludes one defender, decides against passing to neymar on his left and quickly plays it on to the l...

    werdna10 | 22.09.2013

  • Barcelona Formation for 2013

    Many times watching Barca under pep I saw a triangular arrangement of players that form. Though many think that it is busquets, xavi, and iniesta who form the triangle in the middle, a more deadly and attacking triangle of xavi, iniesta, and messi wa...

    werdna10 | 20.09.2013

  • Real Madrids Attack

    This formation is for attacking with Ronaldo and Dimaria at the flanks causing trouble for opposing defences also with marcelo storming forward to create or cross to benzema from wide areas. Isco is the main attacking player and also he has to track ...

    kadiray | 20.08.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Spain in the Future

    I honestly think Spain has a great future. They will probably win 1 or 2 more World Cups. Look at this amazing squad! Young, talented players.

    José Luis Ayala | 08.09.2013

  • 433 Attack Formation

    Classic attack formation, ball is always move forward , CDM will shift play from right to left or left to right.Also you can see a direct wings attacks, RWB/LWB start the attack from the wings.

    slogx | 28.08.2013

  • How Real Madrid could beat Barcelona

    This is my take on how Real could beat Barca if they watch out for MESSI Iniesta Xavi and maybe Neymar. First Real starts by bringing Marcelo forward or he can stay and keep and eye out for Iniesta or Messi. Alonso has two options-tracking back t...

    kadiray | 20.08.2013

  • Premier League Challenging Arsenal Side, 2013-2014

    Only new player is Suarez, maintaining a similar back 4 as previous season which held a great defensive record. The Ox and Cazorla just in front of Wilshere in midfield, getting rid of the useless Ramsey. Suarez and Walcott either side of a currently...

    4321chris | 31.07.2013 | Comments: 2

  • 3-4-3 diamond formation

    This formation is very good in modern football since it controls midfield well and it is good in both attack and defense. In attack, the 3 defenders move sideways and so is Asier illaramendi and also a bit forward to receive back pass from attackers ...

    narahari92 | 02.08.2013 | Comments: 9

  • WORLD XI Team Work

    If the opponent takes a shot,Iker Casillas will save it,then a short pass to Philip Lahm,then Lahm will bring it up field up to the captain Xavi Hernandez.Xavi will bring it to David Luiz then David Luiz will pass it to Andrea Pirlo.Pirlo will advanc...

    xMiguel286 | 29.06.2013 | Comments: 2

  • Exploring the 4-3-3

    This is the 4-3-3 that revolutionized football in the 70s by Ajax and the Dutch national football team with mastermind Johan Cruyff in the headrole, playing as a CF in what he called "the diamond". (Take in mind the 4-1-...

    totalvoetbal | 13.08.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Manchester United tactical dream team 2013/2014

    Subs: Lindergaard, Evans/Smailling, Jones/Kondogbia, Cleverley/Powell, Young/Januzaj, Zaha/Lingard, Hernandez

    Amadaeus15 | 10.08.2013