• Chelsea's 3-5-2 2013/2014 Chaos Formation (Used when trailing in games/or trying to find late winner)

    As the season has gone on, the way Jose Mourinho has sent the lads out almost every game is in the 4-3-2-1 formation. After seeing it work to picks up points ( a draw at Cardiff and Man United) it seams the Jose really favors this...

    SuperTruBlu | 09.01.2014 | Comments: 1

  • Who's your money on at Premier League, CL, etc... ?

    Now that it's almost Christmas, the season has somewhat shaped, we can make more reasonable predictions. Here are mine:Manchester City to win the title, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal to finish in top 4, Blackburn to be relegated, Bayern Munich...

    nvr | 02.12.2011 | Comments: 7

  • Onze D' Or 2013

    In my opinion, this was the best squad of the season 2012/13. I know we're still missing the first half of the 2013/14 season to determine a real Onze D' Or, but this is pretty much it. All of the players play in Bayern Munich or Borussia Dor...

    José Luis Ayala | 31.05.2013 | Comments: 11

  • Barcelona vs Big Teams 13-14

    This is my Barcelona lineup for strong teams.Based on getting more physicality in the team bi incorporating Alex song to form a double pivot with busquets. Forming a really strong block of 4 at the centre of defence. Almost a counter balance to h...

    king1319 | 14.12.2013

  • 2014/15 Line Up for Barcelona

    Barca should bring Deulofeu back from loan to form the dangerous trident of neymar-messi-deulofeu. Also bartra should take over the starting cb role along side pique. Fabergas will overtake should overtake xavi in the cm spot. I dont know wh...

    werdna10 | 09.12.2013

  • Arsenal 2013 Victory formation

    Arsenal's victory formation. The victory formation is used to close out games, and offer a counter attacking threat. It was in full effect this past weekend verses Cardiff City as ramsey put Walcott through into space, Giroud dragged the centreba...

    king1319 | 03.12.2013

  • Barcelona formation when messi returns

    messi needs to share the attacking load when he returns, sharing the middle of the pitch with neymar and fabregas making a more unpredictable attack

    werdna10 | 30.11.2013 | Comments: 1


    1.Messi 2. Ronaldo 3. Ribery 4. Iniesta 5. IbrahimovicThis has been reported by @AgenciaNews via twitter. Last year they correctly revealed the top five finalist in order for the 2012 ballon dor a month before the ceremony. They have also made more...

    werdna10 | 02.12.2013 | Comments: 1

  • bayern 3-1-3-3

    I think this is pep's solution about how to use powerful side players like ribery, robben, shaqiri, alaba and rafinha. Lahm is bright and good passer, so he move to center postion. He start in front of center back, but usually run forward or back...

    vlo3oly | 03.10.2013 | Comments: 5

  • New Defensive/Offensive Tactic

    I thought of this tactic while I was playing FIFA, and I realized that my team was too vulnerable off the break because I favor using my fullbacks to supplement attacking play, and my opponents keep exploiting the space left behind on the flanks, so ...

    John Valor | 15.11.2012 | Comments: 6

  • Barca without Messi 3-3-4

    Another Alternative formation with messi out that will ensure attacking firepower even without the worlds greatest on the pitch.

    werdna10 | 14.11.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Tactic Balance Formation

    I don't wanna to put any Player Name in my formation , this is a squad depend on a balance Match Attacking and Defensive Formation.

    Ahmetraad | 24.11.2013