• Tactics of Imperium Wolves against all teams

    Formation 3-5-2 [ Narrow - Broad (60-40) ]Casillas will be the main figure at goal.The 3 CB pairing of Nesta, Ayala, Costacurta will not allow the attacking side to move inside the penalty box easily and also keep the back...

    Chandrim Konwar | 06.07.2013

  • barcelona after 13 season

    1. if messi plays2.if messi doesnt plays - all the players except song will be fully marked, since he isnt considered skillful player, hence he can take the ball from middle and shake opposite's defence. i was stunned to see how song was ...

    dvdtt.shrm | 27.06.2013

  • 3-5-2 juventus

    juventus regular play is not fluid, ofcourse because of long passing & central over loading. this shows there almost regular play. improvements invited.

    dvdtt.shrm | 26.06.2013

  • My ChelseaFC squad for 2013.

    Unless a another player is bought. It stays like this. Tactics-4-2-3-1. Cech- Ivanovic-Luiz-Terry-Cole. CMF-Oscar-Ramires.LWF-Schurlle-AMF-Mata-RWF-Hazard-CF-Torres. But I hope a str...

    TacticsBozz | 26.06.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Manchester United 2014

    <a href = "http://this11.com"><img src = "http://this11.com/boards/abE1htoadI.jpg" border = "0" alt = "football formations"/></a>

    Proffessional_Ameteur_RED | 24.06.2013

  • milan 13-14

    1.abbiati should be out2.bring in a well build defender who can shoulder well.rest self-explanatory, milan's problem is midfield - neither possesive, nor defensive but one touch,abbate can long ball robinho as well balotelli - in ...

    dvdtt.shrm | 24.06.2013

  • Another Young Starting 11

    I changed mi previous young 11 to this one. I tried to change all of the players. Of course more great young players are out there, but this one is interesting.

    José Luis Ayala | 22.06.2013

  • My Real Madrid C.F for 2013/14 Season

    I think that the defense will be the same, and it will have the same variations. However, Coentrao might leave for Monaco. I think Gundogan will come to Madrid, as well as Bale and Cavani/Suarez.

    José Luis Ayala | 30.05.2013 | Comments: 2

  • The similarities between the current Arsenal XI and The Invincibles ©

    Firstly, both teams play with a high defensive line which attempts the offside trap ridiculously often. This is coupled with a goalkeeper who regularly takes risks trying to sweep up balls over the top. The right back in each team is predominantly de...

    JensLehmann | 14.06.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Struggling to develop young talents?

    England are struggling to keep up with other countries in the development of young talents, Other countries such as Spain, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Argentina etc are producing far greater numbers of young players and I agree they are struggling to ...

    david1993 | 11.06.2013 | Comments: 3

  • Ac Milan 1 VS 1 Napoli Flamini, Goran Pandev

    Ac Milan started with a 4-3-3 formation with Flamini the deepest of the midfield 3, Massimo Allegri didn't have the option of Mario Balotelli due to suspension and El sharawwy who was just a card away from suspension ahead of the Juve gam...

    ibukunfad | 07.06.2013

  • HTFC 442

    Principles:1. Central players maintain discipline and provide solidity.2. Full backs look to overlap when appropriate3. Wide midfielders maintain a wide position4. ST's push up and apply pressure to opposition defenders

    Nince | 30.05.2013